Helping Families Navigate Individualized Education

What is Educational Engineers, LLC?

Education Engineers, LLC works with parents and students (families) to guide them on how to advocate for themselves. We provide parents with a deeper understanding of their child's education needs and how to best achieve their goals. Parents seek us for support with Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Special Education Consultations, and Special Needs Accommodations in public, private, and home school settings. We also work with public, private, alternative, and home schools as well as community organizations to provide education and guidance for their families.

Our company acts as a liaison between families and the education system.

What Will Education Engineers Do For Your Family?

We will work with stakeholders on behalf of your family for the purpose of student progress and engagement.

We will collaborate with all members of your student's educational team to address their needs.

We will create alternative formats for course material to meet the diverse learning style of your child.

We will recommend assistive technologies and methods where appropriate to meet your child’s needs and preferences.


Dr. DiCianno is a team player that seeks to do what's best for students both academically and grow their social/emotional abilities every day she works with them.

Dr. Derrick Allen


Dr. DiCianno is professional and well-versed in education advocacy. This was very apparent and much appreciated with each opportunity I had to work with her.

Emily Glick


Dr. DiCianno has helped my child become more focused on her goals. Dr. DiCianno has also assisted my family with conflict resolution and I am grateful for her.

N. Miller



Education Engineers, LLC is a parent liaison and student empowerment organization.



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